WordPress dominates top 100 blogs

Pingdom just published findings that WordPress is in use by 48% of the worlds top blogs in 2012.

I’m pretty happy with that finding, because I only do WordPress – it’s really not sustainable for a freelancer like myself to maintain skills in multiple platforms. I’m not often comfortable with the notion of putting all my eggs in one basket, but in this case it’s satisfying to feel that I made a good choice back when I started investing my time in WordPress!

Such a huge level of adoption by big players means that there is a massive level of investment in WordPress technology.

That translates to a flow-on of benefits directly to my clients in the form of

  • swift security patches,
  • code updates (like the permalink efficiency rewrite) and
  • new features being adopted by the core team (like the recent addition of drag ‘n’ drop file uploads)

Its great to be part of the growth..  Thanks to Daily Blog Tips for the heads up!

Pingdoms graph of top 100 blogs