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Beating the mail_failed error in formmail.php

So, I’ve spent far too long messing with formmail.php.. but I just can’t resist getting everything just right! I was getting an obscure error, which requires a little form field validation. The problem I found during testing that if I populated form fields with the excellent Web Developer toolbar for Firefox, I would get the… Read more »

Configure formmail.php more easily

Formmail.php is a free script which delivers a user’s details from a form on your site’s contact page to your email inbox. It can do file uploads, it is spam savvy, it does captcha text.. phew, it threatens to fold your washing!

The file itself is more heavily documented than any other script I’ve seen: comments just about outweigh the code, which ironically makes it tedious to configure manually. Thankfully, Tectite offers a Configuration Wizard, which offers a free trial, or 7 day access for a measly US$4.95. I highly recommend that you use it.

If, however, you find yourself configuring it repeatedly, I’d suggest making your own configuration file. The purpose of this is to gather the 15 odd lines you actually need to edit on one page. Why is this so useful? Because the whole script weighs in at over 10,200 lines of code! That’s a lot of scanning through code.