Social Media shoots Bangs out of obscurity

Last year I helped Bangs, an up-and-coming rap artist, set up his own WordPress site while working with him at the Artful Dodgers Studios, Gateway.

Bangs, through his Facebook promotion, the ineffable wonders of global buzz, and 1.1 million views on youtube, is in the right place at the right time, and surfing a wave of global interest that could go anywhere, or nowhere…

My guess is that the timeline goes something like this:

  • Bangs uploads to youtube, and begins sharing via facebook
  • Bangs puts up his website at Gateway
  • Someone connected to the ABC gets the Facebook post
  • Hungy Beast tracks Bangs down to Gateway via the website
  • ABC’s Hungry Beast showed the clip while their credits played, and described his song as “refreshingly polite”.. their comment is at the very end of the episode at the Hungry Beast website.
  • Bangs performs onstage with Snob Scrilla, and charms the right people
  • Nova gets interested (Nova video interview)
  • Bangs is suddenly flying around the country doing gigs and interviews!

Here’s hoping that he can make the most of it, best wishes, Bangs!

This is the track thats caused such a fuss:


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