Removing items from the Finder Sidebar in OSX 10.6.7

In a previous tip I mentioned using the Finder Sidebar for speeding up your workflow, but since the 10.6.7 update, the behaviour of the Finder Sidebar has changed.

Where we used to be able to simply drag an item out, in 10.6.7 the item simply snaps back to the sidebar (or ‘shelf’, as some call it).

Finder SidebarSolutions

  • Hold Command whilst dragging items out of the Finder Sidebar
  • Right Click the item you want to remove, and select ‘Remove from Sidebar’

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of this in the OSX 10.6.7 changelog.

Bonus tip: You might like to seperate items in the list – there’s a handy method documented at Finder Sidebar Separators.