Hosting your website

There are a multitude of very similar sounding plans available online, so once you’ve found a few hosts which meet your basic requirements, the choice comes down to reliability and expense.  Here as elsewhere it is very true that ‘you get what you pay for’.  That is to say that if you are creating a mission critical website which absolutely must be available without fail, you should handball this whole process to your IT department / webdesigner / pet geek.  If you want to get the ball rolling without the associated (significant) expense, read on.

For my mission critical sites, and those of my clients, I manage an Australian reseller account, which gives me greatest control over the hosting environement.

For my recreational and pro-bono sites, I use Bluehost.

Why choose Bluehost?

I have found Bluehost to be very reliable over the past few years.  Reliablility on the web comes down to how infrequently the host server ‘goes down’ or becomes unavailable.  Many hosts boast 99.9% uptime, but often this is an optimistic figure.

Bluehost satisfies all the basic requirements for the setup I advocate:

  • Provides PHP, and MySQL (required for WordPress)
  • Fantastico WordPress installer (completes a vanilla install of wordpress in about 4 minutes!)
  • Unlimited Addon domains (you can host multiple different sites with different domain names for the one cost)
  • Unlimited Subdomains (you can create

I monitor my sites using free independant monitoring services, so I am comfortable recommending Bluehost as an entry level setup.