Custom Admin Branding: code update

I love the WordPress plugin Custom Admin Branding by Josh Byers..  who doesn’t love seeing their shiny, official name at the top of their admin panel?

I noticed, though, that when when I updated the plugin to 1.3.5, my custom files were overwritten.. Doh!  It defeats the purpose of auto-update if we have to resurrect our settings afterwards, clearly, but every journey progresses one step at a time, and I’ve been rapt to have such a great plugin, complete with annotated photoshop templates.

Still, it would be great if the custom files survived an update, so I’ve had a fiddle, and come up with a crude solution… and while I was at it, I’ve added an option to change the Header background colour (which is simpler than using the custom stylesheet which is currently an option hidden in the code of the plugin).

I’m hoping that he’ll like the changes, and we might get another update soon!