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WordPress dominates top 100 blogs

Pingdoms graph of top 100 blogs

Pingdom just published findings that WordPress is in use by 48% of the worlds top blogs in 2012. I’m pretty happy with that finding, because I only do WordPress – it’s really not sustainable for a freelancer like myself to maintain skills in multiple platforms. I’m not often comfortable with the notion of putting all… Read more »

Social Media shoots Bangs out of obscurity

Last year I helped Bangs, an up-and-coming rap artist, set up his own WordPress site while working with him at the Artful Dodgers Studios, Gateway. Bangs, through his Facebook promotion, the ineffable wonders of global buzz, and 1.1 million views on youtube, is in the right place at the right time, and surfing a wave… Read more »

The Social Media Revolution

Just the pace of this brilliant video is overwhelming: it does a great job of conveying the staggering pace of social media adoption worldwide. Another clip really worth checking out is Kevin Kelly speaking at; he points out that the web is only 5000 days old!  His predictions for the next 5000 days are… Read more »

Hosting your website

There are a multitude of very similar sounding plans available online, so once you’ve found a few hosts which meet your basic requirements, the choice comes down to reliability and expense.  Here as elsewhere it is very true that ‘you get what you pay for’.  That is to say that if you are creating a… Read more »

Microfinance – another way of spreading the love

Kiva is a non-profit organisation which facilitate micro loans to entrepreneurs all over the world. It inspires me each time I revisit the site and its reports. I was moved again today to support an internet cafe in Peru.. my US$25 contribution contributes the mere $625 Mr Yuri requires to get his business off the… Read more »

Internet Censorship in Australia

The Australian Government wants to implement filtering of the Internet, ostensibly to restrict access to unsavory illegal content.  Unfortuately, it will be ineffective (trials have shown that the filter blocks huge numbers of legitimate sites), expensive (costing over AU$44 million in the first year and AU$33 million per year thereafter). Draconian? Maybe.  Effective?  Absolutely not…. Read more »