WordPress 3.5 media window with custom image sizes

Add custom image sizes to media windows

I was surprised to find that WordPress doesn’t automatically add custom image sizes to the Add Media popup. Here’s a simple fix based on a function from the exhaustive article by Craig Grella over at The following function, when pasted into the bottom of your theme’s functions.php file, will add the custom sizes to… Read more »


Git for folk who like GUIs

Here are slides from my demo of using SourceTree at last night’s WordPress Meetup at Inspire9. I think it went over the heads of quite a few, and was old hat to a few more, but I hope it was useful to some of the other devs in the room!


WordCamp Sydney 2012

Well, WordCamp Sydney was great!  two days of great networking with WordPress developers and a bunch of informative presentations. I made the trek up with Rob Jennings, of Explainafide, and met a bunch of lovely and highly talented folk along the way. Highlights I had my name drawn out of the hat for the major… Read more »

Pingdoms graph of top 100 blogs

WordPress dominates top 100 blogs

Pingdom just published findings that WordPress is in use by 48% of the worlds top blogs in 2012. I’m pretty happy with that finding, because I only do WordPress – it’s really not sustainable for a freelancer like myself to maintain skills in multiple platforms. I’m not often comfortable with the notion of putting all… Read more »